Working Title: System, Context, Process

Fall 2016

Organization and branding for MICA Design League’s fall exhibition.

Often design artifacts are viewed in isolation away from the larger context or systems in which they were created. Design blogs, polished artificial mockups, annual round-ups of design ephemera, and design exhibitions often sacrifice context for the sake of digestibility. This method of viewing design does a disservice to both the creator and the viewer where intention and nuance is lost. With this exhibition, we hoped to renegotiate how design should or could be displayed to close the gap between context and viewer engagement.

We were interested in curating work that is multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary, process-driven, and/or explores a theme or idea in depth. It was also important to have a diverse group of designers, representing a range of identities and methods of working.

— in collaboration with Jen Evans and MICA Design League.

Thanks to:

  • McKenzie Schroeder
  • Kevin Guyer
  • Vicki Qian
  • Julia Fletcher
  • Hannamae Greenfield
  • Devin Halladay
  • Jen Evans
  • Zuyva Seville
  • Trevor Carr
  • Xena Brar
  • Reyna Clarissa
  • Connor Davenport